Astolfo Di Amato & Associati – Avvocati is the Italian representative of Multilaw, one of the leading associations of independent law firms. Multilaw’s members span the globe, with 61 firms and over 5,500 lawyers in 48 countries.

In order to become a Multilaw member, our firm was rigorously examined to insure we met the Multilaw standards in terms of expertise, breadth of practice areas and international experience and client base.

As a result of our membership in Multilaw, we are able to provide seamless multijurisdictional legal service to our clients and to overcome the language and cultural differences that are frequently involved in international transactions. Through network functions and personal meetings, we liaise with the other Multilaw members on a regular basis, thus allowing us to have confidence in the reliability and effectiveness of the services provided by the network.

For more information, please visit the Multilaw website: